Wednesday, March 24, 2010

WOD 3-22-10

For time:
400 Meter Run
21 KB Swings (35 lb.)
11 Pull-Ups
10 Tuck Jumps
50 Sit-Ups

400 Meter Run
15 KB Swings
8 Pull-Ups
7 Tuck Jumps
100 Sit-Ups

400 Meter Run
9 KB Swings
5 Pull-Ups
4 Tuck Jumps
50 Sit-Ups

Time: 18:21

We did this one back in June and my time was 19:40. So, a 1:20 improvement, not bad after running two half marathons! I did feel like Quasimodo when I was running though.

On Tuesday morning I attempted to work out but my Achilles tendon on my left heel was absolutely killing me. I iced it, rested took Advil and foam rolled the heck out of my calf all day, but it didn't really help the pain. I made an emergency call to Dr. Taylor - I hated to admit to myself that I may have an injury! - and she was able to schedule me for a Wednesday appointment. Basically my calf is just super, super tight and it is pulling on the Achilles tendon. She was able to use the laser and do some terribly painful massaging, and it really improved the range of motion. It is still pretty sore/tight, so I have been ordered to take 3 days off. I might go crazy! But I know I need it. So I will rest until Saturday morning, when I plan to hit the gym with a vengance. Also Saturday will be the kick-off of the "30 Day Paleo Challenge" - I am excited! I am really ready to further clean up my diet and lean out. So, no posts over the next few days as I will be doing a whole bunch of nothing, workout wise at least.

Monday, March 22, 2010

March Update

I have really dropped the ball with updating this thing! Instead of going back and making entries for the last two weeks I will just sum it up with this recap of the major events.

March 13/14 - CrossFit Games Central Southern Texas Sectional Qualifier, Austin TX

To sum it up, there were three WODs and I didn't completely suck at only 1 of them. The first WOD was a 2k row followed by max rep 185 lb. deadlifts. I was shooting for anything under 9:00 on the row and 10 deadlifts. I managed to make it off the row at about 8:38 and get 11 deadlifts. I was very pleased with this, because just about 9 months ago I could barely get 165 lbs. for reps. So, that was good. After WOD 1 I was in 16th place.

I knew WOD 2 (3 rounds of: 2 handstand push-ups, 6 95 lb. ground to overhead, 10 burpees) would give me trouble because of the HSPUs. I was right, and I wasn't able to get a single one. This plummeted me in the rankings and I was basically out of contention for top 30.

WOD 3 was a chipper and I did relatively well. I really struggled with the double unders in the grass, but I was able to eek them out one at a time. I made up some time in the final movement (15 65 lb. snatches) which was good, because I have never been confident with those.

It was a great and awe-inspiring weekend to watch all of the strong Texas/Louisiana Crossfitters. Next year, I will much stronger both physically and mentally.

March 20/21 -Seabrook Lucky Trails Pelican Challenge, Seabrook TX

The "Pelican Challenge" consists of a half marathon on both Saturday and Sunday. Wendy and Melissa from Crossfit Bay Area ran the half on Saturday which was awesome. I felt pretty good (except for a huge blister on my left foot) and finished right at 2:08. Wendy was able to finish her first half marathon (she attempted San Antonio but had to DNF due to IT band problems) and Melissa also completed her first half despite pretty bad knee pain. The weather was perfect and it was great to see everyone finish.

I woke up Sunday morning pretty stifff - I should have definitely moved around a little more on Saturday afternoon. I put a large Band-Aid on the bottom of my foot, taped it on, changed shoes and I was ready to go. The weather was much cooler and very windy on Sunday, so my legs felt even more tight because I just shivered up until the starting gun. As soon as I started I knew I was moving slow. I think it ended up being about an 11 minute mile pace! My hips were SO tight I felt like my legs might just pop off at any moment. I walked quite a bit which was pretty demoralizing, but I figured I was okay as long as I kept moving to the finish line. I finally finished at 2:38. Not a great time for me, but not too terrible either considering the shape my legs were in. My mom and dad were there waiting at the finish line for me which was great. As much as it sucked at the time, I think I will probably do it again next year! Well, depending on when CF Games Sectionals fall. Hopefully my sister Meredith will be able to do it too! Also, even though I have run a full marathon, I forgot how tough it is - mentally and physically. Meredith is running in Nashville's Country Music Marathon at the end of April, so I definitely have a newfound respect for her!

Up next:

Time to gain some strength! Really going to focus more on going heavy during WODs rather than going for the fastest time. Also will pick up CFE WODs again consistently on Tues/Thurs afternoons and Sunday mornings. And cycling! Can't wait to get in some good rides. I will keep everything short though, don't want any endurance events to eat away any muscle gains.
Crossfit Bay Area is starting a 30 Day Paleo Challenge on March 27 and I am signed up! I don't eat TOO terribly right now, so it won't be a dramatic shift, but just another level of discipline. I'm looking forward to it!

Monday, March 8, 2010

WOD 3-6-10

Got in an 8 mile ride on the bike before the WOD. I know that is nothing on a bike, but I wasn't trying to kill my legs before the workout. Was nice to get back out on a road bike!

"Pick Your Poison" Partner WOD

There were 10 options on the board of which you had to pick 6. WOD was with a partner and split 50/50 and we could not be working at the same time.

We picked...

100 double unders

200 squats

100 d.b. push press (25 lb. dbs)

100 box jumps

100 knees to elbows

100 db cleans (25 lb. dbs)

800 meter run

Time: 30:39

Ginger was my partner for this one and we did really well! Saturdays are getting busier so we usually do the partner WODs, which is fun and a nice change of pace!

WOD 3-5-10

Olympic Lifting afternoon WOD:

Snatches 4 x 3
15k - 20k - 20k - 25k - 25k

Snatches 2 x 2
25k - 30k

Snatches 3 x 1
35k - 35k

Clean and Jerk 6 x 2
35k - 35 - 37 - 37 - 37 - 37 (stayed at the same weight so I could work more on using my legs for the jerk)

Overhead squats 4 x 3
25k - 30 - 35 - 35

WOD 3-4-10

Incline Bench 3-3-3-1-1-1

65lbs. - 80 - 90 - 95 - 100 (f) - 95


3 rounds of

50 yard sprint
15 deadlifts (165 lbs.)
10 burpees
10 jumping slam balls (12 lbs.)

Forgot to write down time!

WOD 3-2-10

Skill work


AMRAP in 20 minutes of:

12 hang power snatches (55 lbs.)
10 push-ups

9 rounds + 3 snatches


Back squats 6x4
45k - 45k - 50k - 55k

Front squats 4x4
35k - 40k - 45k - 45k

WOD 3-1-10

Max Effort Push-Press 3-3-3-1-1-1

77 lbs-87-92-99-105-110


4 rounds for time of:
200 meter run
15 L-Sits (on rings)
50 squats
15 kettlebell swings (35 lb.)

Time: 17:00

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

WOD 2-27-10

5 rounds for time of:

10 burpee box jumps
15 slam balls (12 lb.)
15 L-sits
25 weighted lunges (10k plate)

Time: 19:21

Overhead lunges

WOD 2-25-10

1 - 1 - 1 - 1 -1
165 lbs - 185 - 195 - 205 - 215

About 15 lbs. off from my PR, but I chalk that up to the running.


"Coach's Gut Buster WOD"

200 m Run
21 Ball Slams
11 Pull Ups
10 Jumping Squats
50 Anchored Sit Ups
200 m Run
15 Slam Ball
8 Pull Ups
7 Jumping Squats
100 Sit Ups
200 m Run
9 Slam Ball
5 Pull Ups
4 Jumping Squats
50 Weighted Sit Ups

Time: 16:37

Then I came back at 7pm for "Helen" - time was 10:38 which is a 0:52 improvement over my last Helen.